Swordfish Solutions, LLC started in 2001 doing freelance consulting. It’s gone through many changes through the years. One thing has remained consistent, our commitment to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated and to do the right thing.

What we do best is listen to what our clients need and then collaborate with them if and how software can help them. If there’s a fit we’ll put together a plan and deliver a solution in a timeline we all agree.

John Daniell, Owner, started his IT career over 35 years ago with the United States Air Force communications group (telephone company). He’s been on the software side of IT since 1999. Today John spends the majority of his time doing business analyst work to define what software should do and project management to ensure it does it

John has been married to his wife for over 35 years, is the father of two daughters and now has two son-in-laws and four grandsons. John’s active in his church and considers his Christian faith the key to his success.

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